product shots

Posted in nikidee by nikidee on March 30, 2010

product shots of porcelain mornings!

any enquiries please email us at

happy browsing!

the two tone (blue)

the two tone (pink)

the weave (front)

the weave (back)

the sherlock (blazer)

the scratcher

the phoebe (cardigan), the vanity (skirt)

the school girl (blazer), the cropper (top)

the pandora

the pandora (back)

the groupie

the sack

the silent dreamer (cardigan)

the moonlight (leggings)

the purity

product shots

Posted in clothes, nikidee by nikidee on November 15, 2009

apart from the items from the shoot, here’s a few other pieces that are still available.

if you like anything, give us a buzz for more details:

but for now it’s up to you to mix and match. click on the photo for an enlarged version. x


the blublac. by the by, it has a sexy transparent back.



the bow tee in beige /  the touchmenot


the boytoy /  the clock


the monotone  / the peterpan (also available in black)


the vivienne /  the twiggy


the flocker (also availble in grey)