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Posted in Uncategorized by nikidee on June 16, 2009

yes we did waver for a while there wiggling left and right but we’re back again with full force!! :) we just moved into our studio today along with the machinery, tons of papers and rolls of cloth. let’s just say, thank god for help! all we need to do now is tidy up our little room, hang our mood board and maybe put a coffee/tea dispenser. any other ideas?

oh oh did we forget to give you a sneak peak the last time?


above is the entrance to the house. as you can see, plenty of greens.. our playground to unwind after work. we call it studio 68!


this outdoor spot inside the house excites us the most. like dee said in her previous post- picture champagne, finger foods, a live jazz band and nikidee’s premier collection- just after a bit of sweeping.

we have a bunch of tailors coming in on thursday and friday for a trial session. about 6 of them. we’re looking for the right one and the right one takes time hey? really quite exciting all these baby steps. scary too whereby any small mistake in judgement at this point affects the entire idea. eek.



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every artist needs their space

Posted in Uncategorized by nikidee on March 23, 2009

so, there is a vacant house down the street that we recently discovered and after browsing, we figured it’s best to put the empty house into some good arty use!

the smallest room in the house will be our potential work studio, where lots of creativity will be taking place :) we’re looking forward to personalizing the studio with little bits and pieces to keep the inspiration coming. next to the tiny room, there’s one that’s a lot bigger and once we’ve moved furniture around, we may be able to have it as a decent display area once the collection is complete and ready for viewing. there is also a cute little backyard that seems perfect for a small launch event. picture finger foods, wine and nikidee’s uber cool soundtrack to set the mood. just an idea for now. there’s still so much to do until then!

we are currently in the process of preparing mood boards, getting mannequins and sewing machines sorted. in the mean time, does anyone know of any good machinist?



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