Posted in nikidee by nikidee on November 9, 2009

saturday was tons of fun. on the day of the preview, nouvelle vague trickled through the speakers to set the mood. we served chilled chardonnay and plenty cheese and crackers to go with. we set up the studio in a way where one was reminded of a typical french boutique. style bibles placed in every corner and andy warhol’s art garnered the walls. we ran around frantically getting everything done the day before and fixing all the little glitches. but over all we were extremely happy with the turnout and would like to say thank you to all those who came and supported us. but much love to those who shopped! my favourite part of it was the personalized nikidee cupcakes! *squeal*


on a serious note, for all those who couldn’t make it, we will soon have our collection online whereby you can order what you like (provided we have the size) and we’ll have it sent to you.

how does it work? to make a transaction, just transfer us the money to our bank a/c and we’ll make sure ure outfit reaches your doorstep! provided you live in jakarta that is! :P

we’ll inform you as soon as we have our product shots up!

until then, save up some money :)


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