pout. pose. snap.

Posted in photography by nikidee on October 28, 2009

after two months of mia, we’re finally back with lots to share. we’ve finally completed out first collection- lack of colour and our much anticipated photo shoot (well at least for us). it all took place on the 24th of october at tribute, wijaya. one of the owners, claude hutasoit, was kind enough to lend us the empty space at the back of the store.

it had cemented walls and boxes everywhere and not so much your ordinary set for a shoot but it was perfect. while our clothes are very structured, it contrasted well with the grunginess of the location.  the theme being dark romanticism if you  will.

our photographer albert judiyanto set the  mood just right through his mad photography skills. right down from the model, katya talanova, to our bestie come make up artist karishma punjabi, we nailed it :) 

over all, we may have been short of time and super tired from the night before, but it all went down easy and none of this would have been feasible without all of em. twas good fun and we ended the night with a couple of drinks to celebrate our hard work and my niki’s 22nd birthday at birdcage. 

info on our launch will soon follow but for now, spread the love and join our facebook group!