neon green polyester

Posted in Uncategorized by nikidee on March 22, 2009

yesterday was especially enriching. dee and i went fabric researching. we decided that we would get to the textile market at 11 but so much for that. we reached at 1:30 pm and it was raining cats and dogs so we hit the nearest starbucks instead. we know you’re thinking that’s “typical” haha.

we watched the rain pour whilst sipping our latte and listening to amy winehouse. ah love her voice! when the rain stopped, we headed back and looked around and found ourselves attracted to beige, beige and beige. if it’s one thing dee and i have in common it’s the love for beige. we had to literally remind ourselves that we are catering to other people. rows and rows of french lace and glittering sequins, we hated the mere sight of it. instead our hearts went to the simple yet refined cotton and jersey section. btw expect to see a whole lot of that in our collection! basically we entered with an idea of what we wanted and came out with a clear picture.

one particular store that caught our eye was a store that sold buttons, sequins, trims, bits of felt, and other embellishments that got us super excited. we were like kids in a candy store.. wheeee! there were so many different things to choose from and the colours were so complete.. definitely have to go back there!

we ended the day with a late lunch at birdcage! xoxo


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