porcelain mornings

porcelain mornings | spring 2010:

spring. a dramatic yet passionate entrance. drapery and throw overs. pretty pastel hues. colours like rivers that rush through still landscapes. tailored blazers with a soft touch. linen offers an almost forgotten comfort. airy jersey dresses. the transition between winter to summer. soft greys to dusty pinks. dark to light. a spectacular process. without the fuss. nikidee.

please email us at

the purity (left), the sack (right)
the sherlock (blazer)
the pandora
the phoebe (top)
the silent dreamer (cardigan), the vanity (skirt)
the groupie (top), the moonlight (leggings)
the two tone. blue (left),        the two tone pink (right)

for those of you who are interested to order, please email us at


models : deazy christine and mira cole-wijaya

make up: karishma punjabi

photography: christina phan


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