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nikidee is launching their spring 2010 collection exclusively at brightspot market.

RSVP by clicking on this link:


11th march (invites only) – 5.30pm to 11pm.

12th to 14th march (public) – 11am to 11pm.

at pacific place. south lobby. ground floor.


spring. a dramatic yet passionate entrance. drapery and throw overs. pretty pastel hues. colours like rivers that rush through still landscapes. tailored blazers with a soft touch. linen offers an almost forgotten comfort. airy jersey dresses. the transition between winter to summer. soft greys to dusty pinks. dark to light. a spectacular process. without the fuss.

also featuring ..

ANOYMOUS by nikidee:

ANONYMOUS is nikidee’s first fashion meets art project. inspired by the idea of a world filled with anonymity where people are free to be whomever they chose to be, the clothes too play a similar role. designed to let go of inhibitions, this limited range of clothing displays a playful mix of textures that are contradictory to different prints and fabric. with each piece being limited edition, it stays true to what nikidee lives by – style without the fuss.

launching only on the first day (11th march) of brightspot market!


10 random people who have rsvp’d will be picked to receive an invite to the first day of brightspot market. we will message you the details. see you there! x



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– may refer to: something or someone that is unknown; undiscovered.

the inspiration:

anonymous has no identity. you can be whoever you want to be. its a world where you are not judged or labelled. you are free. anonymous is everyone. anonymous is everywhere.

the clothes:

it was our way to break free from the norm. we got to let go of our inhibitions and fool around to our hearts content. we played around with different textures, fabrics and prints. proportions and shapes are contradictory to the different weights. with each piece being limited edition, it stays true to what nikidee lives by- style without the fuss.

the campaign:

four young and talented women were given a mask to decorate however and whichever way they liked. they  were asked to portray their idea of anonymity through different expressions and a mix of mediums. these four girls were especially chosen because they may come from different backgrounds but they come together as one. they are ANONYMOUS.

launching at brighstpot market exclusively for invites only on 11th march, 2010. it will be held in the south lobby of pacific place mall from 5.30 pm to 11pm. very limited stock.


models (left to right): anastasya, anatria, karishma, melissa

photographed by: marianne

all clothes ANONYMOUS by nikidee

special thanks to puja and md entertainment


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we are on twitter! be ahead of the curve and get spontaneous updates about our collections and projects. follow us by clicking here or type out @nikidee_tweets.  if you don’t have an account, it’s about time you did! besides.. what other way do we have to stalk you? ;)

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after the spontaneous idea to come up with a fashion meets art project, we did our photoshoot today. we asked a friend of ours who is an upcoming photographer marianne adria mahendra to help us with the shoot and she willingly agreed to do so. She was also recently featured in time out jakarta. check it out.

our models were four talented ladies, from their individual style to their body gestures.. anatria (tatis), karishma punjabi (shue), melissa ricardo (molo) and anastasya (tasya) brought their own interpretation of ANONYMOUS to the table.. they were really creative and and and…we can’t reveal anything more! hehehe we have to keep the suspense going ;)

until next time.


ANONYMOUS by nikidee

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we’re calling it ANONYMOUS. a little side project we’ve been working on for no reason at all. or perhaps to break free from the norm if you will. we get to let go of our inhibitions and create a world where wearers could be whomever they wanted – not judged or labeled. how ideal is that?

with no specific colour palette or theme, each design is as unique as the other and will stay true to our style: careless, ironic and without the fuss. did we mention that it’ll be limited edition?

keep a look out for this space coz we’ll be revealing more very soon!

anonymous has no identity. anonymous cannot be betrayed. anonymous is proof that humanity as a whole is absolutely insane.


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the next time you’re wearing nikidee, be sure to take a photo of yourself. we’ll feature you on our blog! :)

tell us a little bit bout yourself and send the photos to:

be creative girls!

cheeeeeeese! x

2. 0. 1. 0

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we are back with a bang! nothing like starting the new year with a nice discount no? we trust all of you had a nice holiday.

here’s to say that all items from ‘a lack of colour’ are now 15% off. very few pieces are left so please hurry before those too vanish into thin air!

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santa baby!

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post brightspot

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thank you all for coming and shopping with us at brightspot! we had a great time meeting everyone. for those of you who were too lazy *ahem* lol, we do have a few pieces left and grab em while you can. you might just be the lucky owner ;)

double click to enlarge.

the midnight owl is your simple lil black bodycon on the front and has a tulle rose print transparent back!

the bow tee in yellow                                                                               the vivienne in black

the creme brule                                                                                              the cherie

the bloomer the peterpan in black

a bright xmas

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tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la la…. nikidee is on the racks again!

this time in the ubercool brightspot market that takes place few times in a year. this special xmas edition will be held in plaza indonesia, level 3 from 10-13 december. from 11 am to 11 pm. 10th for invites only and 11-13 for the public.

for those who aren’t in the loop, it’s a retail concept founded by c&c projects, ltd and future10. various local and international designers come together to showcase a variety of cool products from clothes, books, food, collectibles and many more.

drop by nikidee’s booth (number 18)  if you missed out on our lil’ preview of our premier collection ‘a lack of colour’. most of our sold out pieces will be back in stock plus a few additional pieces all for sale only in brightspot!!!!!!

friendly reminder to bring lots of dough. coz we only accept cash :]

so eat, shop, browse and be merry.. trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.


RSVP to the event here: xmas with nikidee


see you there!