detailed shots

Posted in clothes, nikidee by nikidee on August 26, 2010

it’s all in the details.. 

the freedom (throw-over)

the knitted (blazer)

the box (tee)

the futurist(pants)

the constructionist (shirt)

the undertone (vest)

the fairytale stripe (dress)

the fairytale brown (dress)

the fairytale black (dress)


flurry of metal | fall 10

Posted in clothes, nikidee by nikidee on August 25, 2010

hiya guys!! sorry for being extremely quiet lately. we were away for the summer but fret not, we didn’t forget about you. for this special month we decided to launch a capsule collection: flurry of metal | FALL 10. very few limited edition pieces  so here’s your chance to pick up a few unique pieces before you trot away for the ramadhan break.

to order, you know the drill… email us at …  alternatively follow us on twitter @nikidee_tweets for updates on what’s up in the world of nikidee. watch this space for detailed shots of the clothes tomorrow!

we hope you like flurry of metal. happy browsing!


welcome to tribute

Posted in clothes, fashion, nikidee by nikidee on May 13, 2010

we are pleased to announce that for those who aren’t too keen on online shopping can buy nikidee at tribute! there are a bunch of local brands that they carry including – kle, since always, sou brette, etc.

it is located in jl. wijaya 9 / no. 23, jakarta. better described as the minimalist looking boutique right below birdcage the restaurant.

we are much grateful and excited to be working with tribute.. you lot can finally try on the clothes and shop shop shop!

so make your way there and support your local brand!


product shots

Posted in clothes, nikidee by nikidee on November 15, 2009

apart from the items from the shoot, here’s a few other pieces that are still available.

if you like anything, give us a buzz for more details:

but for now it’s up to you to mix and match. click on the photo for an enlarged version. x


the blublac. by the by, it has a sexy transparent back.



the bow tee in beige /  the touchmenot


the boytoy /  the clock


the monotone  / the peterpan (also available in black)


the vivienne /  the twiggy


the flocker (also availble in grey)

a lack of colour

Posted in clothes, nikidee by nikidee on November 9, 2009

the product shots of all the pieces in our collection ‘ a lack of colour’ will be up very soooon! keep checking for updates. for now here’s a few photos from our collection. taken on the 24th of october at tribute with photographer albert judiyanto.

to order email us:


the irony (blazer)


the boy toy (blazer)

the twiggy (leggings)


the peterpan (top)

also available in black


the black pearl (bodycon dress + skirt)


the clock (dress)


the flocker (top)

also available in navy blue


the blublac (shirt)


the bow tee (top)

tees also available in peach and yellow