lets go digital

Posted in music by nikidee on June 25, 2009

dee and i have quite a number of things that inspire us like our obsession with paris (the city, not hilton), lychee martinis and even well-dressed boys with stubbles… hot! one thing we rarely agree on though is our taste in music. dee loves her sappy easy-listening tracks. she probably even has a song for every occasion haha. i on the other hand, am a little more on the kooky side. songs that make me jump and bob my head (a la eminem in without me). tiny but energetic as i’ve been told. we compliment each other because when it bottles down to the tailoring world, the mixture of flowy drapey softness mixed with kookiness results in nikidee for the soul. hehe. we would like to think we mix like fine wine and cheese. or strawberries and yoghurt?

so we decided to post our favourite of the favouritest song for today. dee’s being the fear you wont fall by joshua radin and mine, black magic by magic wands. happy listening.




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