signé chanel

Posted in documentary by nikidee on June 21, 2009

the signé chanel documentary was out a few years ago but it’s definitely worth a re-post! it’s one of the most insightful documentaries on the production house of chanel – spoken from the perspective of his tailors and lagerfeld himself. if you haven’t already seen it, check it out here.

here’s the gist of it: “This documentary, which has been directed by Loïc Prigent, takes us behind the curtain where the daily life of the workers is revealed. It even makes Karl Lagerfeld a little bit more human. “In fact, I’m just an illustrator he says. It shows the passion of him, the dressmakers and the atelier managers threw success and threw failure. The teamwork is essential, and the value of suppliers quality delivers the background of the brand success: a strong collaboration between crafts added to the talent of a visionary fashion designer. Released 2005, Signé Chanel is more than actual with it’s original angle on luxury with humor and warmth.




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