this is hello, not goodbye

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dear friends, supporters and loyal customers..

here’s wishing you a very happy new year! we hope it has started off with a bang & a drop ;)

we would also like to take this opportunity to share some news and thank each and everyone of you for your endless support over the last year and a half. we have decided to discontinue nikidee the label as of now. its been quite an enriching journey but it was never intended to be a long term venture but to merely gain more experience and have some fun.. which we  did and we have all of you to thank for that! we would be nothing without you. we would also like to apologize if there were any mistakes on our part and your patience in helping us to do our best.

so once again, thank you so much for all the support you have given us and as for the new year, both of us have a lot to look forward to and will soon be working on our own personal projects.

with that aside, we also have another thing to add.. further reductions!! our last collection, FLURRY OF METAL is now 50% off! So take advantage of this and shop away!  :)

click on this link to see which pieces are available:




the cocoon details!

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the cocoon is back in stock! here are shots of the garment as promised and yes, it comes with the chains :)

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more details- the undertone

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the undertone (front)

the undertone (back with lace patch)

detailed shots

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it’s all in the details.. 

the freedom (throw-over)

the knitted (blazer)

the box (tee)

the futurist(pants)

the constructionist (shirt)

the undertone (vest)

the fairytale stripe (dress)

the fairytale brown (dress)

the fairytale black (dress)

flurry of metal | fall 10

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hiya guys!! sorry for being extremely quiet lately. we were away for the summer but fret not, we didn’t forget about you. for this special month we decided to launch a capsule collection: flurry of metal | FALL 10. very few limited edition pieces  so here’s your chance to pick up a few unique pieces before you trot away for the ramadhan break.

to order, you know the drill… email us at …  alternatively follow us on twitter @nikidee_tweets for updates on what’s up in the world of nikidee. watch this space for detailed shots of the clothes tomorrow!

we hope you like flurry of metal. happy browsing!


welcome to tribute

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we are pleased to announce that for those who aren’t too keen on online shopping can buy nikidee at tribute! there are a bunch of local brands that they carry including – kle, since always, sou brette, etc.

it is located in jl. wijaya 9 / no. 23, jakarta. better described as the minimalist looking boutique right below birdcage the restaurant.

we are much grateful and excited to be working with tribute.. you lot can finally try on the clothes and shop shop shop!

so make your way there and support your local brand!


nikidee dot com

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finally we are up on the world wide web! hearty thanks to punct design studio who helped us with the website. couldn’t have been easy on em doing and redoing and satisfying our fussy needs haha. click on and it should take you straight there. the aim is for all of you to be able to browse easily since it’s simple and more organized as opposed to the blog. hope you like it! :)

fyi, we are still on if you want to order/ask for pricelist.. until we figure out our domain email name! gah who ever thought technology could be so complex??!!!!

until next time.


product shots

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product shots of porcelain mornings!

any enquiries please email us at

happy browsing!

the two tone (blue)

the two tone (pink)

the weave (front)

the weave (back)

the sherlock (blazer)

the scratcher

the phoebe (cardigan), the vanity (skirt)

the school girl (blazer), the cropper (top)

the pandora

the pandora (back)

the groupie

the sack

the silent dreamer (cardigan)

the moonlight (leggings)

the purity

‘porcelain mornings’ photos

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our spring 2010 collection ‘porcelain mornings’ photos are finally here. many thanks to those who helped make it happen. you know who you are :)

the purity (left), the sack (right)


the sherlock (blazer)


the pandora


the phoebe (top)


the silent dreamer (cardigan), the vanity (skirt)


the groupie (top), the moonlight (leggings)


the two tone. blue (left), pink (right)


product shots will follow shortly. unfortunately, some of the pieces completely sold out in brightspot market so we’re working on adding more stock. in the meantime, for those of you who are interested to order, please email us at


models : deazy christine and mira cole-wijaya

make up: karishma punjabi

photographed by: christina phan


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alongside our spring 2010 collection ‘porcelain mornings’, we recently launched ANONYMOUS by nikidee at brightspot market over the weekend. some of the pieces were completely sold out and we’re working on adding more stock. we are well aware that many of you have been waiting for the photos to be up, so here’s your chance to order some of our limited edition pieces. quick, before these too sell out!

to order or ask for price list please email us with the name of the item to